If you’re not Born Again please move on

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Corona, California | Woman Seeking A Man

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My ideal match is someone who puts God first. One who wants a serious relationship, leading to marriage. Therefore, I am ONLY looking for a Born Again Christian. I am looking for a man that is looking to marry a woman he is equally yoked to. Looking for love, companionship, emotional intimacy and all that goes with marriage.

I am looking for a man 68 to 74 years old and is maybe somewhere between 5’5” to 5’11” tall. That’s because I am only 5’ tall and don't want to stand on my tippy toes or have you break your back bending over when we kiss. LOL 😉

THE most important day of my life was in August 1998. That is when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior! I had taken my 12 year old daughter and her friend to a “concert” because the other girl's mom was just going to drop them off (at Angels Stadium!) Well, little did we know it was a Harvest Crusade and it completely changed my life! (Since then, the only music I prefer to listen to is Christian. I love the old and the new. And worship! My favorite.

I go to church just about every Sunday. Also bible study on Wednesday nights. I would prefer that my partner does too. I only miss if I’m not feeling well, but I will still follow online.

I happen to be 1st generation Greek, and am fluent in Greek. This comes in very handy when it comes to studying the scripture. Some words are actually not transcribed properly.

I have 2 adult daughters. Both are married. From them I have 7 amazing grandchildren. (ages 18 months to 18 years old.) All our families get together for the holidays throughout the year. And we are big Dominos players! It’s not a normal holiday without it.

I prefer not to be around smokers. It’s the only thing that will give me an asthma attack. So, if you smoke or have important people in your life that do, please just move on. I am sorry.

Even though I love going to the beach, or doing some easy camping, or traveling…I am really just a homebody. Not a hermit by any means. I just don't have the need (or reasons) to always be out.

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5' 0 (1.52 m)
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My Passion For Christianity

How often do you go to church?
As often as possible
Do you attend bible study?
Once a week
How often do you read the bible?
As often as possible
Do you attend prayer groups?
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Have you been baptized?